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How do compete against your villains?

First you need to know who they are!

  1. They’re rivals, competitors.
  2. They’re powerful suppliers namely Google and Facebook to be perfectly blunt. (If you advertise on the Internet let’s face it they have you by the short hairs.)
  3. They’re powerful buyers that can negotiate your prices down.

These villains steal your profits in one way or another every time they change the terms. And they can even threaten your very existence. You need a guide to help you vanquish these villains.

Here is an example

A pure content digital news entertainment media site

Let me show you how one major company saved the day.

So let me set the stage for you so you have all the pertinent facts.

The client is a pure content digital news entertainment media site, that relies on traffic, eyeballs and advertising. as their revenue source.

They were getting 25 million visitors a month.

In order to grow revenue they needed to attract more visitors and have them consume more content.

The number one kpi was to get more repeat interactions and keep costs under control.

But Google and Facebook stood in their way with terms and restrictions that raised the company’s costs. (Like the evil king raising excessive taxes on the peasants to seized their land)

They needed a way to generate repeat traffic and email subscriptions that wasn’t dependent on powerful suppliers like Google and Facebook.

Here’s how this site used our technology (Identity resolution to identify site visitors) to build a double opt-in email list and create a source of recurring traffic and revenue not depended on Facebook or Google or any other advertiser..

Here’s how the plan worked:

The channel was email, content rich emails that offered value and drove prospects back to the site. These were cold emails, sent to the site visitors, matched through identity resolution.

They did not come from opt-ins.

The process:

  • Visitor lands on the site and doesn’t opt in.
  • We resolve their identity.
  • The company sends a content rich email that drives the recipient back to the site.

This simple plan resulted in 1.5 million visitors coming back and deciding to opt in with no help from any ad platform.

Email became their lowest cpc channel, their number 2 source of traffic among all channels and did it all for zero dollars of additional ad spend.

What tool did the hero employ to vanquish their foe?

It was the power of our Customer Data Platform, our Identity Graph.

Why did our ID Graph produce, when other customer data platforms might not?

Well, here in a recent quote from Ad Exchanger,
“For starters, CDPs lack third-party data, which is key to identity resolution.
You’re missing out on important pieces of information if you only know an individual based on their activity with your brand.

First- and third-party data are a must for accurate identity.
For example, if a mother buys items from a beauty site she and her daughter both visit, it’s important to be able to distinguish the mother’s path to purchase from the daughter’s. The insights from live third-party data can provide the additional information needed to do so.”

Save the day with the largest privately own identity graph for U.S. consumers available today encompassing both 1st and 3rd party data.

The many ways you can use this technology to meet your KPI’s are only limited by your imagination.

Take back control of your ad spend and future. You’re the hero.

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